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October 19, 2010

Ok, Boys....Single File Now (and a new twist to my Fantabulous Giveaway)

There's nothing worse than a group of unruly Santas......

But these guys are excited about the
Main Street Antique Trade Days is this Saturday
And I'm always trying to have a few things that are Uniquely Me.
I've always painted on ironing boards, but got a few Santas done just for the sale.
They will either be holding a chalkboard for holiday notes...
or have a hook for your favorite wreath........

They are just alot of fun and what better way to greet your family
And guests this Christmas than with a

And a quick update on my Fantabulous Giveaway that can be entered http://collectedtreasures.blogspot.com/2010/10/im-givin-back-some-lovefantabulous.html here until November 27th. I've decided to add an element to the prize, or rather choice of prizes so everyone can have something they really, really want. I do realize that my sweaters are not everyone's style and I don't take that personally. I do, however, want everyone to enter so you can either choose a $100 gift certificate from Collected Treasures store, website, Ebay, or Etsy OR, of course, a sweater as originally offered. The choice is totally up to the winner........all the details can be found on the link above, and you do have to comment on that post to be entered. Even if you are already a follower, you still have to comment to be included in the drawing which will take place December 1st. Please help me share the love and pass this giveaway along. Due to schedules and commitments, I don't get the chance to offer something like this very often......I would love to give everyone a chance to win..... .



  2. Those Santas will sell, no doubt, very quickly! Oh, how I wish I could shop there! Take lots and lots of picts to share.


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