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May 15, 2011

Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market Review

Twice a year Collected Treasures hosts the
Main Street Antique Trade Days Flea Market on the property
I own behind my building.
This past Saturday was the eleventh sale I've organized and
What a day it was.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous,
The dealers brought their "A" game,
and it was a beautiful day. 
 The patio houses my things that I offer for sale during the Flea Market.
It's a good time to sell the things that come my way during the previous six months that
Don't fit into the Shoppe for whatever reason.

 And I love the beginnings of my copper utensil wind chime gate....
I will promise you, when the wind blows........this thing rocks.
 And some of the beginnings of the hard work that has gone into digging out and
Landscaping a space that was once an asphalt parking lot.
The herb garden is one of my favorite spaces,
While the gazebo in the center is covered with beautiful wisteria...
A beautiful vision in the early spring.
 I accept items that are antique, collectible, handmade or remade......
This jewelry made by sweet Grace is just divine.
 Then of course, I would fall in love the old baby shoes....such preciousness.

 There was lots of stuff and lots of shoppers......

 I wanted this piece, but when I went back it was not only sold....
But already loaded up and GONE...

 Can you tell this is a fabulous scale made into a wind chime?
Wonderful presentation.
 And another one of my favorites.....
Antique crochet heart pincushions.....
Yep, I bought them all.
We won't talk about how many I have or why...
Sometimes you just can't explain love.
I can't thank my dealers enough for supporting this event,
Nor can I thank the loyal customers who come sale after sale.

Now, off to plan the second Le'Pre'miere Quarterly event scheduled for
June 25th.......let's hope it is as easy as the Trade Days was and as successful
As the first LP event in March......

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.


  1. I've been looking around your blog. Very much fun.


  2. Just wonderful, Jana, and great weather too! Love that scale!

  3. Great looking stuff...I sure wish I had been there. Love the copper pan chimes....I know they make some beautiful sounds...

    Have a Blessed evening...

  4. That piece you wanted grew legs and walked off, didn't it? I would have LOVED to have had that piece too. It would have been beautiful painted white with pale blue doors....ahhhhhh!

    I am marking the days off on my calendar!! One week from Wednesday we will be laughing and hugging and being silly!!!



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