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December 12, 2011

I've Got a New Picker.....

I have a new picker that is bringing me one after another of these
Precious little wooden doll chests and dressers in all different sizes and styles. 

This little black one had bright red rose cheesy decals between ugly knobs.
I was able to remove the decals keeping the original paint, and
Replaced the knobs with some fantastic brown and black porcelain door knobs.
The scale is completely different, which really makes the piece unique and special.... 
The piece sold right away at my recent holiday open house,
With two other customers calling back to see if I could find one for them...
Goes to show you, the best time to buy an antique is
When you see it :) 

The little white doll dresser was painted white and distressed.
Wouldn't it make a precious jewelry box!

In between the birth of my new grandson, keeping up with Tatsey,
the Shoppe, and life in general,  my time is not my own....

 But it's always good.....
Happy Holidays,
I've missed you.


  1. Hi Jana...enjoy every moment with those precious babies:)! I just bought a chest very similar in chippy white. I am going to use it as a means of elevating a smaller lamp in my guest bedroom...love it:)! Hope all is well.


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