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August 25, 2012

I'm Think'n it Will all be OK......

It's been an extremely busy week at the Shoppe this week.
I know I am blessed, but I was trying to get so
much ready for Canton this next week.
Fear has turned into excitement.....
Being overwhelmed has turned into promise.....
Fatigue is replaced by adrenalin...
And I'm thinkin' it will all be OK.
I couldn't post without a picture, now could I?
This is a 24" plaster chalk vase that originated
from Mexico. 
It was airbrushed lime green with dragons....
hence the dragon handles.
This week it was painted white and sanded.
I added my absolute favorite French image,
and the handles will be covered with jute
to give it a wonderful French Market look.

It's off to Canton, of course :)
I'm off to finish painting and loading the trailer
for tomorrow's trip to
Boardwalk #2, Unit #2...
The weather should be wonderful this upcoming
Labor Day weekend....come to Canton....
I would love to see you!!!

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  1. Good luck, Jana- I wish I could see your stuff up close and personal- xo Diana


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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