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October 13, 2009

Soothing White Wednesday....

I never run out of whites to share.......the color, or lack of, is so very soothing that I have tons of it around and it is the very foundation of my store. When anyone asks me "how" to get the gorgeous shabby cottage look, I simply tell them to stop trying. Buy all shades of whites and creams and mix them together in layers and layers, and most importantly.....over time. Decorating and living with whites is an evolution and not something that can be created in a day........people are so accustomed to matching everything that they have a difficult time just letting the shades of whites "blend"....which is the secret of the look.

The purse above is one I started putting together over five years ago.....I love all the different shades and textures of the laces and trims. When I say "putting together" it means it isn't finished......I don't know what style of handles to use on the bag....I have tons of vintage purse frames but they lend themselves to such a formal look. I think I would like a simple shoulder strap so it would look good with jeans and skirts.....what do you think....formal or informal?

The pillows are from an antique tablecloth....it was still so beautiful but had a big hole in the middle. It made quite a few beautiful pillows all in different styles.

The rose wall hanging is simply an old shadowbox style frame.....once filled with dead butterflies and dried flowers, it now holds a beautiful piece of decoupaged sheet music and one of my favorite antique millinery flowers.....much better than dead insects, I think.

All of these items have been created for the Trade Days Sale October 24th here at the store......there are over 30 dealers who set up on my back half acre and we have a mini Round Top, if only in our own minds....;) If you are in the surrounding area, come on by.....we would love to have you!
xo jana

Want more soothing whites....jump over to Faded Charm and see what all the other participants have prepared for you this week.......it's always beautiful!


  1. Everything is just so gorgeous...I love it all.. and the purse?? Informal. Can you imagine how gorgeous you would be in jeans and a purse this lovely??? I love the pillows..what a wonderful way to use the tablecloth..nothing that pretty should just be tossed away.

  2. Lovely, Jana! I have never found a shade of white, off-white, cream.....that I didn't like! Good luck with the Trade Days. I would love to be there.

  3. Those are all soooo pretty, Jana. But I think what would REALLY make your Trade Days a big success is a whole mess of Purple and Red Hat Society stuff! Ha!!! Kidding, of course. Inside joke.
    I cannot tell you how much I love my soaps and gorgeous silver tray! I honestly and truly love the gardenia scent, and I especially love that it's such a feminine scent, 'cause now I don't have to share it with my husband! Every little detail of my "prize" looked to be carefully and thoughtfully put together. Jana, you are the best!
    Big hugs,

  4. Everything's beautiful Jana!!! I love your creations ~ They're all just wonderful! I so wish I could be there for your Trade days ~ xxoo, Dawn

  5. Oh Jana you are soo talented. Everything is so full of vintage goodness!

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I wish I was nearby, it sounds like fun! I love the purse, I would definitely add a strap or less formal handles to it. I can easily see it with jeans and it would look fantastic!

  7. Jana, your right it is very soothing. Love the reuse of the antique tabel cloth or was is a bedspread. The pillows are beautiful.

    I don't think I have your address - so I can send you your prize for guessing carmals and browns. Please e-mail me with it.



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