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April 29, 2010

A Day @ the Shoppe w/o Electricity & Art Gone Bad

The electricity went out today when the wind blew a transformer behind my building.
I was working online, and was absolutely devastated that I couldn't finish my projects.
But then something wonderful happened......
I didn't want to just close, but I needed something to do for the last five hours of the day.
The bulk of my customers come before 2:00 so there weren't many of them to keep me busy.
I was forced to "entertain" myself.
My good friend has always told me that I play very well by myself...and I do.
So, out came the projects that needed to be completed...and w/o electricity.
While the light was still coming through the French doors I painted these two tiles.

Different styles of roses, but both fun to paint!

And the luggage rack made from a wooden TV tray stand...of course, my wonderful antique tapestry ribbon adds a lot.

And some of you might remember the little table and chairs I posted about weeks ago.
I had completed the chairs with a rag weave technique, but didn't know how to do the table.
As you can see, I went with decoupaging the top with the same fabrics.
It now needs to dry completely and a top coat of acrylic pour resin will be added to make it
durable and usable.

And then, I made some rag covered fabric hangers.
These are bamboo and the fabric came from my scrap bin.....
I really like these.

Then there is the "art gone bad".
Last week I had glued a doll's head onto a wooden candlestick and painted it white.
Once it was painted, the features really looked African American, although it was a "white" baby to begin with??? I stared at her a couple of days and decided to get funky with her and add some dowel arms.....and she really started to get strange.
BUT, as soon as I added some glazing....oh my, she got scary. I thought if I started decking her out with ribbons and clothes, it would somehow change her. But when I added the little baby cap, well, she got "gangsta" on me.

And then when you saw the face glazed, well, she just got scary.......and I "got" no idea what to do with her.......hey, LuLu....this freaky enough for 'ya????????! ;0

A day without electricity does strange things.
Let's hope they get it fixed tonight ;)


  1. How funny that doll head!!! kindof shocked me when I first saw her!We have terrible wind here also!! I just posted on my blog what it did to my garden roses.. pulled tham all off ..the side of the house! You really got busy with no electricity! so many projects..I also think the "wind" makes people act diff..I usually get more energy and nervous..when I worked at the hotel here.. we always knew windy days brought lots of complaints at the desk! Just like the full moon! LOL !

  2. Thanks for showing the back first, It kinda prepared me for the front!! LOL!!

    Love the rest of the stuff!! Rhonda

  3. what a funny post. i hate it when the electricity goes out. no fun. hope it's back today.
    yes...the scary face makes me laugh because i have briwaxed things before and they look like that!!!! lol. the other projects are wonderful. you are very talented.
    love your blog.

  4. Everything in your post is just gorgeous.....except the doll's head has really freaked me out!! LOL!!


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