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November 23, 2010

Over the Top Chandeliers and Last Week to Enter my FaNTaBuLoUS Giveaway.......

It has been so busy that the days slip by without a new blog post.......
I get caught up in the season, the creations, and the excitement of a new year around the corner.
This is also the time of year I start working on my Marketing Strategy for the upcoming year....
And this is where I have to laugh out loud because what kind of plan can a little independent Shoppe with one employee and no money actually have?
It does, however, work. This year has proven that to be true.
One of the things in the works in an exciting event for next year held on a quarterly basis.
I'm not able to share any more of it than that with you, only to tell you that it
Doesn't allow me to post pictures of some of my newest creations or merchandise
Because it will all be premiered in this wonderful new event.
Still, I think I can come up with enough things around the Shoppe that haven't been
Shared to keep it interesting....or at least, I hope so.
This coffee cup chandelier is massive and needs a big room for proper display.
The center piece is actually a large red transfer vase that fit the scale perfectly.
The coffee cups and saucers are a dense pottery and were left by my front door by some generous soul that "gets me".
The shades were found at a much later date and matched perfectly.......
I love seeing this hanging in the Shoppe everyday....it makes me smile! Now, this one is a party light for sure.....
I call it my Mardi Gras Chandelier.
A plain and simply chandelier, painted white, with beaded crystals from each bobeche.
The "jewels" are strands and strands of vintage jewelry, still in their original form.
I just hate to destroy something old to make something else from it and try to keep
It in it's original form if I can.......you can just "pluck" a necklace from the piece if you
Want to wear it......fun, fun, fun!
The tea ball tassels have been a favorite of mine since I came across one 15 years ago...
Don't find them very often, but love them when I do.

I especially like to take vintage chandeliers and "marry" them with old pole lamps.
Takes a little skill to fit them together securely and rewiring knowledge is a plus......
I love floor chandies.

And even if you can't rewire, or refurbish lamps or chandeliers, it doesn't mean
You can't have a great fixture in your home.
I get at least one or two inquiries to purchase this chandelier each week.
I have to direct them to Home Depot and tell them this is one of my permanent fixtures.
Just add a little floral swag, some sweet vintage lampshades, and call it a day.
Couldn't be any easier than that.

Don't forget this is the very last week to enter my
Someone is going to win an Altered Couture sweater made just for them.....
And it might as well be YOU,
But you have to enter to win!
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come!

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