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November 2, 2010

White Wednesday Punched Paper Samplers & Fantabulous Giveaway

I had so many wonderful whites to share this week,
But Blogger had another idea regarding what pictures NOT to add.
So, I will go with what I was able to load and torture myself no more.
I have been in love with antique punched paper motto samplers since
I saw my very first one twenty years ago.
I am also in love with this particular sentiment "Forget Me Not"
As I think it reminds those you love that you were once here.
I feel these are so special.

And I was also able to upload a picture of one of my Heart & Soul Altered Couture sweaters
I am giving away on December 1st.
All of the details can be found HERE, so come over and
Join the fun....someone is gonna win, and it might as well be YOU!.

If you want to see more beautiful "Whites",
visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to see the other's participating this week.
There is always so much beauty shared and all the wonderful color of white.
Thank you for stopping by today for my white loves,
I always love it when you come!


  1. I love those samplers too, Jana. My favorite motto was and still is, "Home Sweet Home." Most probably because I am such a "homebody."
    That sweater is beautiful!

  2. Jana, this is a lovely post! I too, have a thing for "forget me not." Years ago, I owned a little gift shopped called Forget Me Not... your post brought back sweet memories.

  3. I collect these samplers and love what they say on each one. They're getting harder to find and more costly!

  4. I love these samplers too. Just found you today and I am enjoying my visit

  5. That sample is very pretty. Punched paper, I don't think I've ever seen one in person.


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