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February 22, 2012

Are You Hungry?

Sometimes I just love staying at home and doing all the things that
I seemingly never have time to do anymore....like baking.
I honestly believe that if I had enough time to reinvent myself again,
I would become a chef as I love to cook.

I started my day making the peanut brittle I never had time to make at Christmas...
I had all the ingredients and it's really very easy.

It's all done in the microwave and the sugar, syrup, and peanut mixture gets
extremely hot.

The "magic" part is when you add the baking soda
as it seems to take on a life of it's own :)

Once poured onto a cookie sheet to cool it becomes one big patty.

And breaks up nicely for individual servings.

An absolute must is airtight storage to keep it from becoming sticky.

Not to blow my own horn, but I've been told my peanut brittle is the absolute best.
and I think my secret is the Mexican vanilla I use in my cooking.
I discovered it years ago when I was flying into Mexico so much while a Flight Attendant.

As embarrassing as it is, you can see I have used this same recipe for along time,
as the pages stick together and are covered in peanut brittle themselves....
This is the only recipe within the book that looks like this....
I think because the process goes so quickly that there is no time for "neat".

 I was then onto oatmeal cookies....

They bake flat and crispy....and were gone within a day.

The easiest thing I put together was a cherry strudel.
I used prepared pie crust, filled with canned pie filling.
I always add just a little sugar to the canned filling as I find it bitter.
I top it with a few pats of organic unsweetened butter and
Fold the crust over onto the fruit.

The strudel topping is simply equal parts of flour and powdered sugar,
mixed with softened organic butter until you have a crumbly mixture.
Add the mixture to the top of your strudel and bake until lightly browned.
It looks like you spent hours making this one, and it only takes about 10 minutes.
Impresses them every time:)

Cooking not only feeds my tummy, but my soul as well.
It's amazing how "nesting" can rejuvenate the creative process.

Looks like "tomorrow" has come...
and it's about time.

I've never posted about food before, but hope to include all items shown in my
"Tutorials & Recipes" section above when I do.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.


  1. OMG Jana, I'm so hungry for that cherry strudel, those oatmeal cookies and that peanut brittle!!!! It all looks so delicious. And I thought you were just a pretty creator of pretties!!

    I've been in a cooking mood lately too as you saw on my post. It's not helping my weight loss any.


  2. I have been looking for a microwave peanut brittle recipe. Thie one looks like IT! I have copied it over to use in the future. The only vanilla I use is Mexican vanilla, too....nothing like it in the world. Thanks- Diana

  3. It all looks so good but I have to be strong and not give in. I'm vowing off all sugar for a month. Well except for a little honey now and then. I'll let you know how I do:)


  4. Wow....you made alot of family members happy with those goodies. Everything looks delicious....yum:)!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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