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February 23, 2012

I'm Really NOT That Person.....

Really I'm not.
I admit I DO have my obsessions....but I am past having to own all I see.
I try not to hoard

Things just got confusing as I was being rushed....as usual.

We had plans, but I was watching several antique key auctions on Ebay.
I only wanted one lot which would provide me enough keys for the jewelry
I am making.

None of the auctions ended for a couple of hours,
and I was going to be away from a computer.

Like any seasoned Ebayer knows,
You just put in your max bid and let it roll...
unless, of course, it is something you just can't live without and you "stalk" it :),
but that's a whole other story...
I had the hope and expectation of winning at least one of the auctions....

My bids weren't high,
There were a lot of bidders on each auction...
I simply put in the amount I was willing to pay.

I completely forgot about the auctions that evening,
and didn't realize until the next morning I had won ALL five auctions.

Can you say "life time supply" of antique and vintage keys?

Thanks for stopping by today...
You know I love it when you come:)


  1. I have a soft spot for keys, as well, and these are great ones. High five!

  2. LOL- OMGOSH! That is funny! I have had a few bloopers like that in my lifetime, too! Let's see...do you think you have a key that will unlock this little box I have that I lost the key to?;>) xo Diana


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