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July 14, 2012

Claude becomes Claudia......

Poor Claude....
he thought he was getting a good home with me.
But I was rough on him,
Even exposing him to a flood of water.
He got no respect at all.

Claude and I both knew if he was going to stay,
there would have to be some major changes......
he just didn't realize it would involve lace.

His entire barrel shaped torso was covered
with lace in a decoupage fashion,
only using pins so not to damage
any of the crochet pieces.

His neck was decoupaged with some old
pages from an antique French book.

Claude has been adorned with my antique and vintage
brooches and shows them off nicely.

I've told him this is what all the European men
are wearing this season...

He doesn't seem to mind at all,

He's always been my girlie man.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come. 


  1. Lucky Claude/Claudia- he did NOT have to check in for surgery so I guess he would just be cross-dressing at this point?;>) xo Diana

  2. Claudette,is gorgeous. Especially with all that lovely bling xx


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