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October 9, 2012

Gourmet Dog Biscuits and Flea Market Projects

It goes without saying we are all busy,
but I can honestly say I am, most days, in over my head...
Or at least it feels that way.
When I think about it though,
it is pretty much self imposed.
I could stop it at any time...
But how does one stop doing what they love??
The Main Street Antique Flea Market is over...
It was a wonderful day...
The Spring event is already planned for May 18th, 2013...
This is how my life gets away from me...:)
I am constantly trying to do new and different things
for the Shoppe and for Canton.
It seems to be what my customers like best.
I have no idea why....other than I wanted to,
But I decided to make gourmet dog treats.
This is the first two batches.
I can tell you my dogs love these things,
and they are all natural.
I ate one and it seemed good to me :)
It's all people food, put together in a granola
type baked bar.
Two of my doglets lay at the kitchen gates last night
guarding the oven as these dried overnight.
Silly dogs.

Then today my shipment of used softballs arrived.

I took special orders at Canton for bracelets.
Silly me.
I also took special orders for spoon pendant necklaces.
Everyone wants the words you don't happen to have.
I also used the spoon handles to make necklace pendants.
Don't look at the list of items to complete under the jewelry.
It will just scare you.
These wonderful old wire trash baskets will
soon become hanging light fixtures.
I wish this dealer would have had more.
I also downloaded some divine French labels
for use on my old bottles....
I picked up some cool ones at the flea market on Saturday.
These trunks will be altered with sheet music and such,
while the fabulous 40" needlepoint will become a messenger bag....eventually.
Right now I'm just jones'n on this antique silk velvet.
One of my sweet flea market dealers brought it to me
because she knows I adore this stuff....
It is luscious, and she is one of my favorite people to know.
 Can't decide whether to alter this little doll trunk or not.
It's missing all it's inside pieces, so it just might need new energy
before it finds a new home.
And I just have to share these things because I love them....
love them, love them, love them!
I can't get enough of old millinery flowers.
This cool old metal mailbox will go to Canton as is,
as will the large old sawdust pincushion.
I don't expect either one to last long.
I'm not certain what I will display on this fabulous 2' tall vintage rack.
Maybe old hankies.....dunno.
This piece was empty and has now been filled with old amber fragrance bottles.
The easiest of my projects, for sure.
Of course, there are suitcase ottomans to make,
more burlap pumpkins,
and a few more jewelry pieces.
But it's what I do :)
Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come!

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