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April 3, 2009

Altered Art Decoupage Classes.........fun, fun, fun!

This wonderful two week class ended with much fun and laughter.......and just a little wine. Everyone's projects turned out beautifully and I honestly feel several new artists have been "born". Roxanna came fully prepared with bags of moss, pictures, trim and birdsnest.....she definitely had a plan. Cheri took a more contemporary approach to her art and Brenda once again surprised herself at her talent and ability to create something from nothing. I am so proud that Roxanna has taken her newfound talent by the horns and is creating daily....in fact, she is coming to set up at the May 9th Trade Days Sale with her wonderful creations.......I hope you will find a class you would like to participate in somewhere along the way.......it is never too late to learn something fun and to loose yourself in your imagination and creativity.....it is like letting the child deep inside play, and we could all use an outlet for our stressful days.

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  1. This class looks like a treat! If you do another let me know. I do mixed media but, it is always fun to do it with other like minded souls.


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