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April 28, 2009

As the Week Begins.....

My week at the store begins on Tuesdays, with Sunday and Monday being my weekend. I am always amazed at how I feel I have accomplished everything at the end of a Saturday, only to come in on Tuesday morning and have so many things waiting to be done.....I need someone to jump start me this morning! I was able to find wonderful vintage baskets for my produce this summer......I took that an a sign that I was on the right track with the garden. I mean, when else have you found these at a thrift store....I think someone must be watching out for me.....and that is a good thing, because some days I just feel "lost" :)


  1. Wow you scored in that thrift shop! Love those containers..and so many! I also went thrift shopping today..did not find too much for the shop...but did find something for my new greenhouse..tomorrow it will be pricing and painting and filling up the booth!

  2. YES!!!! It is a sign!!! Now don't let them get away when folks buy your goods! I am not accolmplishing much!!!! Where does the time go. All the little extra stuff! I will try to remember to say you containers if I buy produce in something you could use. Get everybody on the same kick & you will have it made. Gald you enjoyed the flowers on my post. I am still so funky today. I guess you & I would not do well in Seattle where it is grey & rainy most of the time. But, we need the rain.


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