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November 16, 2009

Judy Garland in the Nick of Time........

You know.....I consider myself to be an extremely positive person.....I've even been called "Pollyana" by many people that know me. I always try to see the best side of things and look at the brighter side of any situation.......so where am I going with this train of thought?

I had some time today to finally get to the stack of Sommersets that have been haunting me for what seems like weeks. I used to bring one home and devour it at red lights, being almost finished before I walked in the front door......but not right now. With the shoppe, with the house and the changes that are being made there, the holidays, and of course, my precious Tater.....it just all seems to run together leaving alot of time to feel very inadequate. Inadequate because there is so much to be done, so very much I want to do, and so many ideas running through my head constantly. It is in times likes these that I have a tendancy to just "shut down" because it is all so overwhelming......reading everyone's blogs and seeing their successes as well as their creations......learning that there is so much I don't know......and just trying to keep up is a daily chore........I always get through these times with self encouragement, meditation, and self forgiveness.....but that usually takes a couple of weeks. That is why I was so blessed while reading a Sommerset Studio magazine today to run across a wonderful quotation......and from all people.....Judy Garland...

"Alway be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else"
As silly as it sounds, I do believe that will get me to the other side much quicker than normal.....so for those of you who are constantly comparing yourself and/or your accomplishments to those around you, I hope this helps you as much as it helped me today. I can now get on with the plans at hand, knowing that there will always be things that are left undone, there will always be people that can do things better than I can, but I also know that what I can do.....I can do well and that's enough for me!
Please read about my repurposing challenge that I have put together for everyone out there. The deadline for submission of pictures and project is January 15th and the prizes are valued at over $300.00. With all the creative genius out there I know there have got to be some wonderful ideas, I hope you will come play with us!
Also, the monthly Victorian cone giveaway ends November 30th and I hope you join that one as well....all you have to do is comment, follow, or mention on your blog to win.....easy greasy!
Make your Day Great Today....I know I'm Gonna!


  1. Hi Jana! It truly is so easy to get caught up in catching up! But, doing one job well is often of greater value than many half-done jobs. I shall review your contest blog and see what that's all about! And perhaps practice what I just preached... :) ~ Angela

  2. I feel the same way quite often. So many wonderful things. So many ideas in my head. But sometimes I just can't decide what to do so I just do nothing and then I feel guilty because I didn't accomplish something. Oh well! We always get back on track and then there's no stopping us, right! Best wishes, :) Tammy

  3. Oh Jana, such a heartfelt post.....and I can sooo identify with many of your statements. The ideas and all the things that I want to accomplish and do (all at once) often run incessantly in my head...I have come to understand that it is just that way for artistic people. It brings joy, and it also brings fatigue! I think for women, it is during those "fatigue" times that we lose sight of how unique and special we really are. So,"Unplug" with your Somersets and recharge! But,just know that you will come up with even more ideas and things to accomplish in the process. Ha!

  4. Jana,
    Very thought provoking post. A subject you & I speak about often. We just want to do it ALL. And we want it to all be wonderful. This holiday season I am really trying to let myself off the hook and just be still and enjoy the beauty of it all. Lisa

  5. Jana, I absolutely love this post...Thank you...I loved the quote and that it made me stop and think and not be so hard and disappointed in myself trying to keep up with everyone and not quite doing so :) Besos, Rose


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