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January 27, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #3

Want the very latest in gorgeous mini lampshades at a fraction of their designer cost? It's as easy as a pair of chandelier lampshades, a blouse from your local thriftique (thanks for this word Sissie) , and any ribbons, trims, buttons or jewelry you will want to use for the embellishments...

Sound too outlandish to work.....well, it's actually very simple.

Choose a blouse with long sleeves that is preferably made of a fabric that has some give to it . If the ends of the sleeves are frilly, then alot of your work is already done for you. Follow the simple directions below and see how beautiful if can become:

1. Cut the sleeves at a straight angle at the bottom of the armhole.

2. Slide the arm piece down over the lampshade with the cuff at the bottom of the shade. If there is not enough "give" to the fabric, simply turn it upside down to have more fabric to work with.

3. Glue the edge of the fabric around the bottom of the shade and allow the fabric to turn to the inside of the shade....neatness counts here.

4. At this point, decide if you are going to use the excess fabric at the top of the shade for a "scrunch" effect or if you want a more tailored look. If you are scrunching, work the fabric down onto the shade until you can glue the top edge at the top of the shade....again, neatness counts. If you want a more tailored look, cut the excess fabric and proceed with the gluing process as stated.

5. Decide what embellishments you desire...fringe, lace, flowers, buttons, crochet edges, etc....the sky is the limit depending or your particular taste.

Who wouldn't know these shades didn't come from a high end designer's shop....they are little pieces of art.

Thanks for stopping by.....and if you have a quick afternoon project, then think about joining us next week....it's fun & it's sharing. Just let me know.

Make your Day Great!



  1. Hi Jana! Thanks for stopping in at Sassafras today! It is nice to connect with you!! Love those lampshades! So nice of you to share how to make them!


  2. they are gorgeous..what a great idea!!!

  3. They are so beautiful!! And clever, clever, clever!! So appreciate you giving the directions for making them - Bless your heart...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  4. Great Idea! never thought of doing that...I have 5 mini shades in my project pile I'll try this with...Yours look fantastic!

  5. They look gorgeous. I've never thought of this before.

  6. Hi Jana! Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea!!.. and I can't believe it can be done with an old blouse! Fabulous!!.. Well, I ran a little late, but my post is up, at 7:57 a.m.; so I hope that's in time enough! Here's the link for my post..


    I am really enjoying this event! Glad you started this, and I hope others will enjoy what projects I share! ~tina


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