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January 27, 2011

A Marriage of Beauty

Years ago I purchased this long antique hall table.
It stayed in my garage for months, until my daughter moved into her new home.
Quick to fill the vast spaces, we started shopping my storage area for pieces
And that's when I "married" the antique hall table to the vintage 70's cast off mirror "thing".
It probably belonged with a water bed set, but the back of the little cubbies are bead board,
So I loved it.
Well, she used it for years painted a yummy butterscotch color, but then the baby came.
It was sent packing back to me where I kept it in it's painted state.....
Until this week, that is.

I always knew it had possibilities and saw it as a vanity dressing table.
I painted it out in white then did some distressing to give it back some age.

Cut to size some of my stashed lace curtain panels and attached a skirt to
The open table underneath. The chair will push up under the vanity, so
This piece is definitely a space saver being only 18" deep.

Who would
have thought that anything that ever had anything to do with a
1970's water bed would be glamorous?
I did, however, place a smaller mirror in front of the expansive mirror to give
More detail and break it up somewhat.

And forgive me
, but I'm still so in love with my White Wednesday crochet coverlet,
I just had to show it again.......
All created from individual crochet doilies and scarves....

Thank you for stopping by today....
I love it when you come.


  1. I love that you found a way to repurpose the old waterbed headboard wich was very popular in it's day so there are probably a bunch of them around, now you've shown us what to do with one!! Love the coverlet too! Those take many many hours weeks months to crochet!
    Have a Great Friday!

  2. It's all gorgeous and needs to be in a magazine. Everything you do is magic~*


  3. That furniture piece looks wonderful...looks like both pieces were made for each other. And...that coverlet....well it is beautiful and so-o you, Jana! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Jana, great save, I would never have figured this could have belonged to a water bed. It's really a beautiful piece! Thanks for linking up with VIF!!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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