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January 18, 2011

Remake, Redo, Reborn.......

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came across a side table redo.
Sissy of Sissies Shabby Cottage had purchased a nightstand from the 70's
And repainted it to give it wonderful new life....she even added a sweet little basket
For wonderful charm.
Although the project I completed several months ago has a completely
Different look and use than Sissies, it is still the same old 1970's dark wood
Solid wood, heavy, clunky nightstands.
These two were actually mine and were purchased in 1969 to be exact. I took a little different approach to the final project since mine had doors
And no opening at the bottom.
By removing the bunn feet on one of the pieces,
It could easily be permanently attached to the top
Of the second table making a chest .
There are actually drawers inside for storage.

It was given a rubbed French finish of sorts so it didn't look like what it actually is.
And that is two side tables on top of each other :)

These are also
fun to make when you remove the wooden panels inside the doors
And use chicken wire in their place......

Just another version of what to do with these cast off pieces....
And with a minimal amount of work....I like that.
I am linking to the following blogs this week
Thank you for stopping by today,
I love it when you come.


  1. Hi Jana,
    You are so sweet to mention my redo. These clunky big pieces of furniture do have a chance of coming back to life. Just looks at yours, wonderful! I love the paint treatment that you used and the idea of using chicken wire is great!


  2. Wow! Very clever and very well done! ~ Angela

  3. Love it! What a talented way to repurpose those side tables!

    Hugs XX

  4. That is beautiful, Jana! Only you would have thought to stack these:)! I love the finish that you put on them, and great storage possibilities for someone!

  5. That is a gorgeous makeover! You did a wonderful job. My nightstand is also a clunky 70's piece that my MIL got from some elderly neighbors. Needless to say I gave it a makeover! Happy WW:)

  6. I love it, what a great idea stacking them...bet it weighs a ton, they did in the 60's...love the finish!


  7. Hi Jana, these turned out wonderfully, love the finish you did on them. They look great stacked too! Thanks so much for linking up to the party,


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