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January 8, 2011

Quick Lamp Shade Redo in a Shabby Way

I frequent thrift stores on a regular basis
Looking through their clothing for wonderful fabrics
And garments that can be altered into something romantic and beautiful.
I came across this little ruffled cotton skirt......only 12" long and wondered
What sassy little behind wore this piece,
As it doesn't appear it would cover anything.
But it was so cute I bought it anyway.
Finally found the perfect size lamp shade to cover,
But not before I tea stained it.
I left the underlining in place so as to mute the light even more when the lamp
Is turned on.
Tied a piece of ripped muslin around the top with a big bow
And called it a day.

Very little work, just finding all the right size elements for the project.
Now I just need the perfect lamp.

It's getting really cold here in Texas as I know it is about everywhere....
Bundle up and stay warm!
Thanks for stopping by today...
I love it when you come.


  1. What a fab redeux!

    You are one talented chickadee!


  2. This is so adorable, and very clever! I love it.

  3. Well I know one thing for sure Jana, it didn't belong to this big behind! LOL!

    It sure makes an adorable lampshade cover. I love it.


  4. LOVE it! My favorite part...simple, adorable and looks romantic! I saw one very similar yesterday at our Savers thrift store, loved the ruffles and the softness of the fabric. I wish I would have bought it! I would go back and buy it if it wasn't 30 miles away!

  5. Hi Jana :) I found this exact same skirt at a local Goodwill store in pink back in October and I too used it as a lampshade; I did a post about it, which you can go to here:http://shabbycatsandroses.blogspot.com/2010/10/finished-lampshade-goodwill-find-and-oh.html to see it. I wouldn't wear one of these little skirts either, but they make great lampshade covers, don't they :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  6. That is just too cute, Jana:)! I love the ruffles...and I cannot wait to see the lamp you find to go with it! Keep us informed!

  7. Oh, this is such a cute lampshade. Your are very creative, neighbor! I've just become a frien and follower.


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