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September 3, 2011

gettin' it ready.......

There are new vignettes all around the Shoppe,
as I get ready for the upcoming September 24th
Le'Pre'miere Quarterly.

The date was changed from September 10th due.
to the excessive heat here in Texas.
But next week promises night time temperatures in the 60's.....yay!

Of course, new inventory is being prepared as we speak for the.
Quarterly Event.

Have a safe, fun Labor Day....
and think of me painting :)


  1. Everything looks so charming. Love the dangling teacups tied to ribbons. Wish I could transport myself there so I could do a little retail therapy! LOL.


  2. I would love to make the trip to visit your shop. I think I could pile up in a chair and take a little nap. You have so many GREAT things to see.

  3. Hi Jana,
    Oh my but you have lots of pretties in your shop. Maybe one day I'll get to visit.

    Keep that paint brush movin!


  4. So beautiful shop, many great treasures!


  5. I love your shop. Wish I could stop by there sometime. :) I adore your pink grapes (?) they look like pink grapes. And I love, love, the white peep toe shoes. Thanks for stopping by aprons and old lace

  6. By the way, I forgot to give a great big thanks for being my newest follower! And...I'm having trouble trying to peel myself away from reading your blog. :) That's good though.

    aprons and old lace

  7. Everything looks wonderful !
    We have been having a hot hot summer too but I think Texas is once again bigger AND hotter !


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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