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November 25, 2011

I Love It When That Happens......

 Thanksgiving is but a blur, except for all of the leftover food in the fridge......
and we are already into the Christmas holiday mode, or almost everyone is it seems.

I had planned on being closed on Friday....enjoying an extra day off and enjoying my family....

But that didn't happen..

Instead I had my first Green Black Friday Sale.......
Encouraging customers to re purpose, reuse, and buy vintage and antique items which is the
Ultimate in recycling......
While customers shopped, I played.......or what I call playing.

I sorted bags of lace....finding this set of antique cuffs and matching collar,

 And this beautiful old crochet purse.

 I started working with my silk velvet, making ruched roses for embellishing purses, scarves,
and anything else you can think of.

 The larger ones are perfect for lamp shades and large handbags.
 Then I came across an old rayon ruffle from a vintage full slip,

 And it became a large rose for some future project.....

Although the Shoppe was busy all day,
It was one of the most relaxing days I've had in a long time.... 
And I love it when that happens.


  1. Beautiful creations! Glad you had a relaxing day.

  2. Ohh. Silk velvet! What I wouldn't give. It's possible to buy almost anything on the internet but not scraps of silk velvet. I love the crochet purse, too!

  3. I am drooling over all that velvet....*sigh*



  4. ooh...those velvet roses are luscious..and the colors...Yum! Where do you find these wonderful fabric pieces?


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