April 18, 2012

Sometimes What It Is.....Is Enough

Sometimes pieces come into the Shoppe that "are what they are"....
These two pieces are just that.

How could I paint or change such beauty.
Just can't do it.

The first piece is quite grand and huge.
It came today and I am happy to be it's new keeper.

While the one below has been around a while.

I love them both.

And I firmly believe that you never do really "own" an antique...
You just safeguard it and enjoy it until it's next keeper.

Thanks for stopping by today...
You know I love it when you come.

This week I'll be joining

Vintage Inspiration Friday
Feathered Nest Friday
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  1. I love both of these pieces. You're right, they are too pretty to be changed. Thank you for showing them to us.

  2. What a great thought - we just currate these treasures for a while and pass them along to a good home where they will be respected and loved - perfect!

  3. Those are both beautiful pieces~ I agree...we are just keepers of antique pieces and never really own them. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. I so agree with that sentiment, Jana. I seem to be leaving many of the pieces I collect...alone lately...letting the character shine through:)


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