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April 17, 2012

Updating Store Bought Chair Covers

 Digging through bags of laces,
I came across two "store bought" chair slip covers.

They were pretty nondescript which is probably
Why they were pushed aside.

I was altering clothing that day and thought "why not?"

Using a pair of vintage valances, I ruffled the bottom of each
of the slipcovers...adding an eyelet ruffle from a pair of 
vintage curtains as well.

I love the custom look that only took an afternoon to complete,
and the fact I had all of the materials on hand.

I also love to recycle and repurpose....
it makes me feel good :)

Thanks for stopping by today..
You know I love it when you come.

I'm joining White Wednesday this week...
check it out:)


  1. Hi Jana,
    What a great idea, I love the shabby, romantic look you created by adding the ruffles.



  2. How pretty your slipcovers are now. Such a good idea to personalize them that way.
    Mary Alice

  3. Jana- How cute is that! Great idea and it went together beautifully! xo Diana

  4. Hello,

    I really think you did a great job! They look fabulous!


  5. That is really a pretty cover. Great job!

  6. This would just be so pretty in my daughter's room. She is a girly girl, through and through!


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