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May 18, 2012

See, Bob, I Told You....Massive Wicker Set

While I was in Austin doing the Junk Salvation show,
I stayed with my sweet cousin and her husband Bob.
They were gracious hosts and even came to the show the
Second day to check it out.

I am sharing this set for them.
I feel certain neither one of them (Bob) had a clue
Why I was purchasing these pieces....

But they are over 100 years old and are massive wicker.
The pieces are actually as big around as my pinkie,
and are wrapped around wire.

Now, sure it had a few issues,
But nothing that couldn't be resolved in the workshop.

I couldn't bring myself to paint this wonderful finish,
so it was simply cleaned and burlap seating was added.

It is such a grand set.....
see, Bob.....I told 'ya.

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.


  1. Hi Jana,
    What a beautiful vintage wicker set. I love the burlap cushions.


  2. Well, how cool is that? Hope to see MORE of it sometime in the future! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweet Jana- xo Diana

  3. LOVE this set! I would not have painted it either.

    I am trying to get caught up on everyone's Blogs today since I have been gone for a bit!

    I missed you!!!



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