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May 25, 2010

It Never Gets Easier..

I don't often post of really personal things in my life.
I figure it is called "personal" for a reason.
Still, this day each year is so overwhelmingly sad that I hope it will help me to
Honor the man and forget the day.
My Daddy was killed in a car wreck that happened 41 years ago today, along with my brother in law. He was killed instantly, while my Daddy died three days later.
My sister was six months pregnant with the first grand child.....our lives stopped.
For those who tell you time heals all wounds, please know that is not the case.
What does happen is our coping mechanism gets better, but the pain lingers forever.
I live in the house where I grew up......
We have lovingly named it "Remember House"....because we always will.
But then there are precious things in your life that let you know there is still reason and purpose....and you smile.

Thank you for indulging me......

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