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May 1, 2010

It was a crazy day today.
I started out fine, stopping by a few sales on my way to the Shoppe....
AND finding these wonderful vintage Capodimonte fruit lamps...all white, of course.
It was even a relatively quiet morning for a Saturday....weather is so nice that everyone is in their yards....I know that's where I wanted to be today.
But when things started to get weird, they didn't stop.
This wonderful Art Deco ladies desk found it's way to me before noon.....
I'm not a fan of this style, however, love this desk.
I'm thinking it will look divine white with a glaze finish...
And then in comes a lady telling me she has antique millinery flowers...old new stock...am I interested??? Well, that was an hour's conversation.
She had no sooner left then in comes another customer and the conversation lasts about two hours......jeez ...I still haven't gotten anything done.
She no sooner leaves, then in come my two little college girls who are wanting to go into fashion......and there is more conversation. Besides, her mother shot and killed her father about three months ago, so how do you not support her and listen???? This lasts two hours.....
Are you starting to see a pattern here?
The beautiful inside fitting of this definitely "glam" desk. With one of the beautiful lamps on top.

And then,
I finally look up and it's five o'clock and time to close for the day. I need to go by the grocery, and I plan on planting my flowers when I get home.....
But....that didn't stop me.....I had to sit down at my sewing machine and make something.
It helps me unwind, it helps me feel like I've accomplished something,
and it makes me complete.....
It was only a sweet pillow made from the front of an old organza machine embroidered dress,
but it made the day seem better.

Doesn't loosing yourself in making or creating something feed your soul?
I know it does mine :)

Have a beautiful Sunday.....


  1. I have had days were my phone just does not stop ringing and I get nothing done.. each conversation lasts way too long...before you know it..yiks time for dinner..and my list gets unchecked! I LOVE the desk..and those lamps are interesting! I have only seen the multi color ones..I really like the white...Well me and white and inseperable it seems! have a Great Sunday!! Marlene

  2. What beautiful things you have shared with us today!

  3. That was an interesting day, to say the least!

    You are so good-hearted, of course you took the time to listen.

    Your pillow is divine, Jana!


  4. Jana, I think you need to tack on "MD" behind your name!

    I am absolutely drooling over those lamps. They are beyond gorgeous!


  5. Thanks so much for checking out our post on Deanie's house. Love the white lamps. We've had one of those before. I'll bet that desk looks great when you are done with it. Quite a day for you, but sounds fruitful to me!!

  6. I get cranky when I am not productive or creating too! So, I, totally, understand Jana. And, yes, sometimes, life gets in the way.....understand that frustration too! But...not all bad.....love that desk! Cannot wait to see it painted with glaze.


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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