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May 5, 2010

Quick Project Thursday #16

Goodness, I remember making these type of plates in the 70's.
However, these have been taken up a notch and updated.
You will need a clear plate free of any pattern or designs.
Paper for decoupaging...magazine photos, vintage graphics, sheet music, etc.
Elmers glue and water.
Turn your plate upside down. Glue your papers around the outer edges first, keeping them as straight along the line as possible. Choose your center pattern and lay that down on top of the plate covering the edges of the outer papers or leaving a small uncovered area to create an "outline" when the last step is completed.
Mix your glue one to one in a flat container and soak your papers approximately 30 seconds before applying to your glass plate.
It is important to remember you are working backwards so you must place your papers face down on the backside of your plate.
Use the edge of a credit card to smooth your papers and remove the excess water and glue from underneath the papers.
The glue will dry clear, however, the more you can press out, the clearer your picture will be. Allow your project to dry overnight.
Using a single edge razor blade, clean up the edges by simply sliding it down the rim of the plate. Coat the backside of the dried plate with acrylic paint to seal the art and to form a rim around the paper as a frame.....the Home Sweet Home has been done that way...the other has not.
Use a plate stand or a plate hanger to display your pieces.
Paper does not "meet itself" to cover all the glass,
so when the backside is painted it creates a "frame"

Entire glass surface is covered, however, the back is still sealed with acrylic paint.

Edges are cut smooth with a single edge razor blade.

And that's it.
An old project with an updated look. How beautiful would a bird theme plate be...or roses, or .....or....or.....the possibilities are endless.
Thank you for stopping by today.
I always love it when you come.
Now, go create something!


  1. I love your plates.Thank you for the nice idea.
    They will make a nice gift filled with cupcakes or selfmade flowers....

  2. These are wonderful!!

    I put up a little post of easy Mom's Day ideas if you want to link.


    barbara jean

  3. Love it! Love it! You know I love old sheet music. And, I love this application. I did the same clear plates, but with black and white toile "shower curtain" fabric. I think I like yours better, Jana!

  4. so beautiful. what a wonderful way to make something so simple look so amazing. thanks for sharing. your projects are gorgeous.


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