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May 26, 2010

~~~~~~~Shakin' It Up~~~~~~~

Years ago when I had booths within an antique mall, we always referred to redoing our booths as "shakin' it up".
It always meant increased sales and seemed to put new energy into our spaces.
For the last two weeks I have done just that here at the Shoppe.
It also helps me to take photos and see them as other's see them in order to know if everything is working right.
This is a beautiful mantle with all whites...... And just a deeper shot.
With a desk as a sofa table.

And a "not for sale" antique wheelchair. I brought this home from Norfolk, Va. and purchased it for $10.00. It has a wonderful story, but that's for another post for sure.

Very Horchow.....this table chandelier commands attention!!

And you have to have all the wonderful mismatched china.

With a section for the country lovers.

Just a mishmash of all the things I love.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the West room........
And thank you for stopping by.
I always love it when you come!

1 comment:

  1. OH GIRL! I am so needing a trip to Texas . . .
    Sigh. Love it all. Just think - there'd be nothing left if I came!


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