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August 11, 2011

Creating Memories with the Things You Love

I can't tell you how many times a week I hear
.people say they need to stop buying antiques and collectibles
. because no one in their family wants them.
It saddens them to think what will happen to
.all the things they love after they are gone.

My one biggest piece of advice to anyone concerned.
that their family doesn't like old stuff
.is to create memories with it.....

I know I love all that I do because it represents something
.or someone in my past.  We associate things with
.emotions and if your family has no emotion attached to
.any of your treasures.....they are just "things"....

Use the china you love when the kids come over....
Serve your famous strawberry shortcake and tea
in dishes you love....create the memory and association
.between their favorite recipes of yours and your favorite china.

 Place those special bouquet of flowers they send you in vessels you treasure....

 And do this all the time....not just once.
You have to create the emotion of a memory through association.
I know my daughter will always associate glass cake holders with me.
From the time she can remember, everything always went under the dome.
Leftover bisquits...under the dome.  Store bought cakes...under the dome.
Homemade treats....always under the dome :)
It's the first thing she goes to when she enters the kitchen....
and she is almost 40 now :)

Use old casseroles for cookies and special treats
.they all love eating when they visit.

 Have a tea party with something other than styrofoam.....
Make something so normal special to have the association  of things to the event.

 Use old linens on their beds instead of putting them away when guests come over;
Let them know they are special enough for your special things.

 I know I love buttons because I used to play with the jar under the ironing board
.as my lil'mama worked away....
Use yours for a button counting game.....
.or matching the buttons and whoever has the most sets wins...
Create a memory.

 Old toys can be very fragile.
But get them out....allow your children and grandchildren to touch them.
Tell them a story about each one.
Make them come alive.

 Use old stationery to write special notes to those you love....
They will always associate this with you and have a fondness for old papers.

 So the next time you wonder what will happen to all of the things you have collected
.and love, remember you did so because of your memories and attachment to the person
.or place of which it reminds you.
Do the same thing with those around you and they will all want your treasures even if
.they "hate" old stuff. 
Once they are able to associate material things with memories and emotions,
I promise you they will hang on to your treasures as they are memories of you.

I'm linking to Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground.


  1. This is such a beautiful post Jana....it truly makes me think about all the things I am saving...I am going to pull out my china tonight....just because :)

    Love you!

  2. Good advice....and very well said, Jana:)!

  3. You are so right, Jana! Great advice...Christine

  4. Hi Jana, what a wonderful post and such good advice! Thanks so much for linking up with VIF, xo Debra

  5. So well said. I taught our sons early on the stories behind everything in our home. The great grandparents who came from England brought this trunk over, etc. And they have to come to treasure our things now too.

    I agree use your treasures all the time!



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