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August 25, 2011

Bringing Family Heirlooms to Life

When I am entrusted with family heirlooms,
I am extremely flattered.
I, of all people, know how important these treasures can be to individuals.

This gorgeous piece belonged to one of my customer's great grandmothers
and it is divine.
She gave me creative license.
Because I know all the types of items she has purchased from me for her bedroom,
I just felt certain a beautiful pillow was the way to go. 
I was able to use a piece of old net petticoat for the backing of the pillow...
and was amazed that it matched almost perfectly.

The pillow insert was filled with down and lavender buds for a
Soft, but very fragrant addition to her boudoir.
The only thing I am not happy with is that
it doesn't belong to ME :)
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you can read more about it HERE.

Thank you for stopping by today,
you know i love it when you come.

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  2. Your cushion came out just lovely what was the item before A shawl?I dont think Id have been game to cut it you are so smart and brave.

  3. oh and congrats on the 300 yay

  4. Jana...that is just an exquisite piece! Love the color! And, now your client can enjoy it every day because of your talent and creativeness:)!


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