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August 23, 2011

nettie jane be'be

As I develop my nettie jane clothing line,
I am constantly inspired by those around me.

For this piece I celebrated my Tatsey's second birthday....
A precious be'be version of my adult size dusters and jackets.

This is a 2T although the pictures don't really reflect the smallness of the piece.

 It is also woven with sweet ribbons as are the others...

 and carries the same nettie jane label with the addition of "be'be"...

I love this addition to the line.....
Sweetness for sweetness!

My giveaway runs through Saturday, so sign up here to win
A box of my "stash".....
The winner will be announced Sunday :)

Thanks for stopping by today,
You know I love it when you come.

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you choose to follow....
please know I always follow back ;0

Today I am linking to White Wednesday at Faded Charm


  1. Hi Jana,
    How sweet! I can just see your little one wearing this. It's adorable.

    Love the bebe label.


  2. What a gorgeous piece of clothing for little one! What a great label you chose too! You just keep amazing us with all your talent!

    bee blessed

  3. Your blog is gorgeous! I love all the earth tones and photography style. It's Jodi from Handmade Goodness on FB and I'm following along now. I am at: http://www.livinglifephotographically.blogspot.com and
    http://www.creative-life-designs.blogspot.com, if you'd like to stop by!


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