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August 22, 2011

Just for Sewing..and a GIVEAWAY...WHOO HOO!

I have taken on the chore of moving my sewing area
from one side of the Shoppe to behind my counter
where I can easily sew and still watch the front of the store.

This is the view you see as you stand to the left of the counter
at the privacy gate which acts as a barrier for preventing customers
from coming behind the counter and into my space.

Everyone wants to come into this area,
and if you look around you will probably see why :) 
I designed a small area for eating lunch or
for sitting and doing handwork....
and lots of storage compartments for my laces and trims...
I plan on using the suitcases to sort the items,
and label  them for easy access.
There are quite a few of the see through hat boxes which are perfect for smaller pieces
The chest of drawers will store all of my flat laces that I use for projects..
My buttons make a huge impact in the area....
These are mostly gallon jars of old and antique buttons.
They even extend upwards being stored in an old doll house
on the top shelf.
The antique and vintage wedding dresses stay behind the counter as well,
As I have always protected them from excess handling.
I love my  most wonderful three gallon container of old buttons.....
I do love me some buttons :)

This is the view from my cash register area....
It calls to me all day long. 
The really wonderful thing about my "new space" is the fact my
lil'mama is coming on Friday to organize all my fabrics and laces.....
She is a pro at this and I can't wait for everything to have a place
Where I can finally find it.

Don't forget to comment on my giveaway post here for a chance to win
A vintage box of goodies from this new space.....
I keep tossing things inside, so there is no telling what the winner will get.


  1. What a heavenly space..... and love, love, love those jars filled with buttons - especially the huge one!

  2. oh, its gorgeous!!! soooo many fun treasures, I bet it is a joy to work there!!!!

  3. It's just so cool to see these pics and knowing I have been to your magical place in person :)


  4. Your shoppe space is stunning so many things I love.

  5. Hello,

    You have such a cozy and lovely creative space!


  6. Yes....I can see why everyone wants to go in there. It looks like a wonderful place to be and to create:)!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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