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June 3, 2009

Bless My Heart........

I often wonder what it is about these things that we love that makes us love them so much.....is it the roses, is it the texture, or is it the fact that the familiarity of each of these items comforts us. Does it speak to us of our childhood at our Grandmother's house, about the wonderful dime stores we all loved to visit when we were young children, about family, and how we grew up? We were surrounded with these things and I believe because they are "familiar", we find comfort in having them around......I know I do. It is such a crazy time in our world, and I for one, remember when it was not so much so. My daughter often tells me I don't live in the real world because I am surrounded by all of these things each and everyday in my shop. I love the world I live in, even if I had to create it with all things old and familiar. I am often saddened as older customers come into the store and look longingly at all of the wonderful things for sale stating they "had to downsize" and give up their treasures.....because someone told them they "needed" to. I tell my daughter on a regular basis that she cannot look forward to my "downsizing"....ever. I'm going down with it ALL.....bless my heart. xo jana


  1. Jana ~ It was fun visiting your shop last night, thank you for staying open late ~
    It is a feast for the eyes full of wonderful treasures ~

  2. You're such a Southern Girl "Bless your heart". Hee Hee! I like you love my "stuff". My son came in one day & said to his Dad "Man, when Mom's gone I'll have a lot of stuff to get rid of". OH WELL.... See we are sisters of the soul. I do "get you" as you said & vice versa. Have a happy day.

  3. I'm like you, I love my treasures. My son is always telling me I need to downsize, but I can't seem to let go of too much. This is something that must run in our blood. LOL
    Love ya,


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