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June 27, 2009

Zucchini as a Lethal Weapon......OMG!

You ask how my garden is growing, do you? Well, I keep it weeded, I keep it watered, and the sunshine is plentiful in our 100 degree weather here in Texas. I suppose I should be more attentive to the produce itself though. I promise I do check it daily and try to wait until it is more than just a baby to pick....however, this one absolutely got away from me....and in a BIG way. This zucchini measures a full 16" long and is 11" around. Now, this could either feed a family of 8 or hurt someone bad.......I figure at this rate I can grow a tomato the size of a pumpkin.......we'll see......lol


  1. Jana, that is huge! Have you ever sliced and fried zucchini? It's not bad but only second two fried green tomatoes!!! How's that Grandbaby?
    Hope to talk on Monday.
    Take care...Maureen

  2. Oopsy Daisy... I meant...second to fried green tomatoes!


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