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June 19, 2009

What's a Girl to Do?

I've thought about blogging all week, however, I just couldn't muster up anything I wanted to talk about or I thought anyone would want to read. I'm not in a bad mood, just a busy, introspective one. I know I sometimes "go inside" to sort through my thoughts and figure things out.....and this was one of those weeks. The store has been very busy, as has Ebay and I thank the universe for that. It is, however, during those times I find myself with no downtime to be with "just me". I am one of those people that plays very well by myself and have to have that time to re-energize myself and my soul. That's when I sew....it somehow seems the humming of the sewing machine motor is a signal to those around me that I AM indeed busy and should not be disturbed. I suppose I could vacuum and get the same results, but I mean.....who wants to vacuum? So, during my "reflective" week I made some of the sweet bags I like to keep in the store. They are great for taking to the beach, the grocery store, the flea market, or anywhere else you want to "stuff alot of stuff"......and they look a whole lot better than those things you buy at Walmart or the grocery store. Simply made from left over upholstery fabric with reinforced handles, they can carry just about everything. When I first started making these I laughingly labeled them "Big Ass Bags".....or "BABS"....and for the half sized ones, "Half Ass Bags" or "HABS". Of course, that being an absolute favorite expression of alot of the true Texans I know. Realizing I was running a business and catering to "ladies", I simply labeled them with my "Heart & Soul" tag.......not as much fun, but I know really what they are and it makes me smile :)


  1. YOU soooooooooooo make me laugh! BAB :)

    I MISS YOU! I had hoped to get by to see you all week but, as you can see I just didn't make it. "honey" had been home so much & love him to pieces but................... I need to come in for a FIX! Also, have something for Chriti. The shower is next week right? Hugs!

  2. I am partial to BABS and HABS myself! Those bags are beautiful, and I just bet they fly out the door of your shop!

  3. These are fabulous bags! I just found your site through Charlene and I'm pulling out my calendar now to mark July 18. I teach in Richardson and am finally on "vacation" and my friend and I have GOT to come visit your store in Arlington. We are always looking for new things to do for a Girl's Outing. :D I hope you don't mind if I mark you as a favorite on my blog.
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Hi Allie....I am honored to be on your favorite list :) and look forward to meeting you at Open House on July 18th.......thank you for your positive energy! xo jana


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