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June 26, 2009

The Passing of the Crown......

I really don't think I have allowed myself to get really, REALLY excited about our first grandbaby from our only child....until now. Somehow, being only eight weeks from delivery makes it all very real. Kristi is a tall girl so she hasn't started to show until the last couple of weeks...and now it is all becoming very real, very quickly. I feel certain it has been very real to her for sometime with the aches and pains associated with being pregnant.....but that is one of the benefits of being the Gammy.....it is pain free! We have prepared the big safety pin storks for the pink rose cupcakes and all the rose bags are stuffed with goodies for the guests to take home with them. Of course, it HAD to be pink baby scented candles and soap......handmade by me, of course. I mean, where else could you find something so extreme. I wanted Lisa of Tattered & Tarnished (a dealer here in my mall/store) to make a sign with Sterling's name, but I didn't think of it until after she had left for her four week vacation to the West Coast. I tore apart several old photograph albums I had and made my very first attempt at one of the beautiful signs she designs and makes. I had to wonder why Kristi couldn't have named Sterling "Pat" or "Sue" or something short, as I was preparing eight different pages and stringing them together for hanging. I'm quite proud of my effort and think it turned out just precious.....and will look beautiful hanging across one of the walls in her beautiful pink and cream bedroom. BUT, the very most important gift I give to Sterling this Sunday at the baby shower is her very first tiara......the humor in that being that I don't think my daughter, Kristi, is ready to give hers up yet (lol). I have tried to convince her that once Sterling is here she is the new "princess", and since I am still the Queen, there is just no crown for her. I'm not sure if she will buy into that theory or not....we will probably have to crown her "Queenlet". Crown or no crown...tiara or no tiara.....she is going to be one wonderful Mommy, this baby girl of mine!

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