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June 24, 2009

Let's Talk About STORKS....

It is only fitting that my 100th post is about my beautiful daughter and my soon to be born beautiful grandbaby.....Miss Sterling Haleigh Johnston. I am hosting a baby shower for her this Sunday in my home for family members and close family friends. When I came across these precious safety pin storks, I just knew they had to be part of the day. These particular ones I saved from my childhood when I attended one of my Aunt's baby showers. I could have been no more than six, but I knew enough about creativity to know these belonged in my scrapbook. Who ever knew I would be duplicating them for the tops of rose decorated pink cupcakes over 50 years later. Simply made from large oversized safety pins, an orange end of a toothpick, and pink ribbon in our case, to create a magical stork........with a perfect bend and a slight twist, the bird comes alive. This goes to further reinforce my belief that there are very few, if any, new ideas out there......just our individual intrepretation of what we see and the materials we choose to use.....but that is a different subject for a different day. For today, we celebrate with joy and happiness the coming of a precious new little life, who will forever change ours.


  1. So glad you showed the little storks. They are so cute and I know the little cupcakes will be beautiful. Can't wait to see that little angel. The first is always a very, very special event. All are special, but that first grandchild is like waiting for that first child. The newness of the moment, a feeling that can only come from parents and grandparents. Take lots of pictures of the shower to show us.
    The other day for you was the today day for me.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! This is my first time visiting you....your blog and store websites are just beautiful! Sharon

  3. You should make them up to sell by the dozen. They are so cute! Be sure to take pics of the cupcakes...as I know they will be just as sweet!


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