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August 25, 2009

My Art Group Personalized Stool~"So Janaesque"

Thursday, August 27th, is our first Art Group Get Together.....I call it that because we don't actually have a name yet. We hope to come up with something so very clever that people will be impressed with our talents just because of our name :)- We all decided to bring our own stools....and I was very grateful and thankful because I have ONE....and of course, that is mine. We also decided we could either adorn them in own style before meeting or during the first session........At first I wasn't even going to do one....I had a stool, it fit my butt, and why did I need to personalize it??? After a wild hair (and I have been having ALOT of wild hairs lately), the gesso went on, the paints came out, and it was done. I know I could have slipped it in wonderful laces and it would have looked like me.....I could have decoupaged it with an altered art, mixed media design and it would definitely looked like me......but anyone that knows me very well, knows that when push comes to shove, painting relaxes me the very most. So, I present my stool. It has been painted, and painted some more, and then roughed up a little for a real shabby effect and it is ready......I know that there will be no guessing who this belongs to..........it's just so "janaesque".


  1. The stool looks great. Soooooooo Jana.
    See ya thursday!

  2. Well, indeed it is a Janna stool! And so far I have not found mine... I have looked & the SEARCH is still on. The only one I have sort of found was $78 & THEN I would start making it mine. NOT!!!!! I need a much better $$$$$Deal than that! So, mine will be plain Jane until I find the one that speaks to my pocketbook as well as my bottom! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It looks wonderful! I bet your butt is happier :)

  4. Ok Jana, even your art stool is fantastic! Can't wait to learn how to paint those awesome roses!


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