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August 24, 2009

Shhhhhh.....she's sleeping, but take a peek

I am not really one for posting on my family......or alot of pictures anyway. If I share, it is only because something is so emotional for me that it is all I can think about........BUT what kind of a Gammy would I be if I didn't want to share my new love with the world. We have waited what feels like so very long for this little one. I think because we have always been just a family of three, being my sweet man, my daughter, and me, this is all so very wonderful. She was married a little over a year ago and brought her precious husband onboard and we became four. They started their family right away as she felt her clock ticking :) and now we are a little family of five.........because my daughter and her husband live just one house down from us, I will be a big part of this little one's life from the very beginning.......she is just so very, very precious and cuter than puppy......and as much as I love puppies....much better, I must say.


  1. I am so happy for you Jana! Glad that precious little angel will be so close to you. She is just gorgeous, all that beautiful black hair. Can't wait to see her in person.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COngratulations!!!!!! I did not even turn the computer on yesterday at all & today I have been gone most of the day. I just sat down to catch up & I MISSED YESTERDAYS POST & DIDN"T KNOW!!!!! I AM THRILLED FOR YOU! AND KRISTI! Tell her Aunt Charlene said Sterling is divine! An ANGEL for sure! Shout it from the roof tops!!!!!!!!!!! Call me when you come up for air!

  3. Jana, she is stunning...I am speechless :) Rose

  4. Oh, Jana, how beautiful Miss Sterling is!! I am so happy for you....you know that she will change your life in so many unexpected ways...enjoy the adventure!

  5. Oh Jana. She's just precious!!!! I know you fell instantly in love with this gift from Heaven!! Congratulations to your entire family ~ and thank you for the photos of your gorgeous sweater transformation, I love it!!! xxoo, Dawn

  6. She is precious and so much hair! You will have fun with her!
    Your sweater is lovely also


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