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August 14, 2009

Wearable Placemats.......CrAZy!

It's so funny that certain items will lay around the shop for months, and then I find one component that just brings them all together........it is then I am inspired to complete my vision. I found four matching batten burg lace cotton place mats at the thrift store this week, matched them with other batten burg pieces I had, such as a vintage collar, and a lace doilie that I even had to remove from a display to incorporate into the jacket for the sleeves. Although it is only half complete at this point as there will be much more embellishing and a light tea dye to give the garment an overall blending of color, I think it is coming together nicely...........I can't wait to finish and will share the completed project next week.......have a beautiful weekend.

xo jana

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jana,

    I really enjoyed visiting your shop today!

    So your friends with Charlene? We took a couple of soldering class together last year. She's so sweet!

    Joanna {sweet finds}


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