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August 25, 2009

Since I shared a before picture with you of the long sweater, I thought I would also show you the end result before everyone, including myself, forgot what it looked like. .....well, almost the end result as there is one more sleeve to complete....Still, I am pleased with the outcome and hope to have many more of this style, along with the shorter ones, in the shop before the holidays. I have the vision....it's just finding the time........and we all struggle with that one. Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Jana ~ I don't think anyone got my email that we are in Cancun right now so I won't be at the first get together on the 27th ~ I am going to so miss being there and look forward to the next one ~
    Have so much fun !

  2. Oh Jana, how I love this sweater...is it for sale? btw at 10 pm it just started to get cooler..but I hear it is even hotter in other places sooo no more complaining from me. Well..actually I could do without all the smoke from the fires..there done :) Hows the lil gorgeous one? In that lil picture on the top she looks like a doll. Rose


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