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August 18, 2010

~~~~~~~Free is ALWAYS Good~~~~~~~

This piece of huge, solid wood furniture came to me.
I did not seek it out, however, I did not turn it down :)
I felt like with a little paint and some new knobs
I could make it work......free makes you think that, you know.
Although I haven't put the new knobs on it yet
(It's going to have the big clear glass door knobs to balance out the scale of the piece)
I just had to show you what a difference can be made with paint.

Use your imagination for the knobs because they will really dress this piece up.

I also like
to put mirrors in front of mirrors when the surface is what I consider to be
Too large....it breaks it up somewhat and gives the flat mirror a little more dimension.

I simply turned
two of my plate wall shelves upside down to
Create the double easel to hold
My Believe sign.
All in all, a productive 3 hours, I'd say :)
Free is Always Good!
Thanks for stopping by today.
I always love it when you come.


  1. I love every shade of white! Painting always seems to "revive" a piece and makes it brand new.....and when it's free, that's even better! Great job, Jana. Love the "Believe" sign and the clever holders too!

  2. Hi Jana,
    My aren't you the busy one! I love how white paint can take something not so pretty and give it a beautiful life. Your cabinet looks great and it's perfect for holding all those lovelies. I like the way you used the plate hangers to hold the sign.

    And yes, free it good, real good.


  3. Jana! You have turned this piece into one of loveliness. All that in 3 hours? Amazing!!! ~ Angela

  4. It turned out PERFECT - good "vision", nice job!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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