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August 25, 2010

Just a Normal Day.......

I always have to smile when people tell me I have it made.
They think my life is perfect, and easy, and normal.
They don't realize that a typical morning for me would be
Feeding six large dogs.
And four neurotic cats.
Cleaning two litter boxes.
Vacuum, do laundry, load dishwasher, and water the yard .
Combine that with the occasional dead rat that must be wrestled from a Great Pyrenees
And invariably cat puke somewhere along the way.
And then I go to the Shoppe to begin my "work" day.
Add the fact that my Tatsey turned one and her Mother turned 38...all within 3 days of each other.....and each event would rival the coming of the Lord in importance, according to my daughter :).
Along with that, I have been ill for two weeks.....
Firstly with food poisoning for two days which
Was followed by an upper respiratory infection.
And the complete loss of my voice for the last four days.
All during the busiest month I have had at the Shoppe in over a year.
And you ask how I am sane?
I create....I sew....and I close it all out for just a few hours every day.
I do have the Dallas Flea coming up in September and am desperately trying to catch up
And get ready for the event.
Since I am taking primarily my clothing line,
I thought I had best concentrate on getting some things done. This full length lace jacket is not for everyone, but does wear beautifully.
I wear mine over a black camisole silk dress with little ballet slippers.

Although the neckline hasn't been finished and the overall piece will be tea stained,
You can still get a good feel for the overall effect.....
And that would definitely be GIRLIE.......

Combine that with a little lace woven handbag with jute fringe
And you have the perfect contrast.

Thanks for stopping by today...
I always love it when you come......


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Love your lacy creations:) They will look awesome tea dyed too. Happy Birthday:)
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hello Jana,
    I see that you do the same thing I do when life starts to become overwhelming. I sew and create. It's my time, when I forget about everything except for making something pretty.

    Your lacey jacket is stunning and the little handbag is the perfect finishing touch.

    Best of luck on your upcoming event.



  3. 6 dogs + 4 cats = Goat Rodeo....just like at my house!

    I just know your new clothing line is going to do wonderfully!



Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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