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August 27, 2010

~~~~~Working With What You've Got~~~~

I started buying these beautiful vintage and antique wool shawls years and years ago.
I have had them all this time, however,
Not many people wear shawls anymore.
I wanted to reinvent them and give them a new life,
So this is my first "creation". Ribbons and laces have been added to each end
Then also woven into the fibers of the wool itself.

I used
several different rows of antique and vintage laces to create some dimension.
And I especially like it worn as a neck scarf.
It would look great with a skirt or jeans as well.

And then,
of course, I have a tendency to post my things before they are completely finished.
Blame it on my enthusiasm, or my lack of anything else to post about,
But I have a real bad habit of do that.
That's why I decided to show you the finished product of the lace jacket
I posted about earlier this week.
It has now had all the ribbon and detailing added, along with being tea stained.

That helps it to say "wouldn't I look beautiful on you?"
Rather than "here comes the bride"....:)

I used some of my most beautiful laces because I wanted this to be special.

The sleeves are billowy and the lace is over 60 years old.

Because the jacket is full length, I use a draping technique in the the front so as
not to inhibit walking......
Nothing graceful about looking beautiful, then falling down, huh?

Our Texas weather has cooled down somewhat....if you can call the low 90's cool,
BUT we do, and it is absolutely delicious.
Have a great weekend!


  1. The "cooler" weather is a wonderful thing, and now I'm hoping and praying for a little rain to revive all the plants and trees! Your work is just gorgeous! All of us girls just love lace don't we? LOL

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  2. Hi Jana,
    I love the ribbon intertwined through the shawl, it really gives it that something special. Looks great as a scarf.

    The lace jacket is stunning! It is absolutely 2die4!!! The vintage laces are so pretty and the overall design is magnificient.


  3. Hi Jana! Your jacket is beautiful, but I particularly love your shawl, as I work on my very first one! Well... I made crocheted a rectangular wrap once to give away; but I have never made a triangular shawl... and never ANY shawl for MYSELF. I DO plan to wear it, as I think they are very pretty! I think the "boyfriend jackets and sweaters" look is o.k... But it seems that the trend may be leaning more and more toward a more feminine, lady-like look again... And I say "GOOD!" I'm not spending an hour in the mirror every morning to look like my boyfriend! (0; Have a great weekend! ~tina

  4. Oooooooo, this is beautiful Jana....you have been a busy bee! I am off to your next posting to see what I have missed out on whilst tending to Miss Harlow and I have construction men in my house...."coin slots" and all!

    I got my special package today...I cried when I opened it because it took my breath away...I pink puffy heart you♥

    Love you to bits,


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