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August 3, 2010

~~~~You Gotta Pull Yourself Up ~~~~

Boy, has it been a rough one....and I'm not one to complain.
I am normally Pollyanna, finding the best in any situation and
Always making the most of it.......
But I just gotta tell you, I had a hard time with all of it this past week.
So let's recap, shall we?
Daughter on vacation so kept two extra dogs (brought total to 9)
Fed cats daily and watered yard.....easy enough you say....it's almost 3 acres.
Well, let's go on.
Had the busiest week at the Shoppe in along time.....a good thing right?
Well, that would be if you didn't have wrist surgery...and no help.
And if one of your furr babies didn't get suddenly ill and pass away....
And if someone didn't leave a whole truck load of antique furniture outside my closed
Store, literally blocking the entry door on the day of my surgery.
And on and on and on.
But it was all dealt with and a new week begins.
I can always count on Terri to bring me back to life.
She is one of my favs that loves my art and actually "gets me".
She called wanting a birdcage doll.
Not a problem, but I told her NOT to tell me where she saw one
As I didn't want to see it because it might influence my creativity.
These are the parts I'm beginning with.
She wants it by Friday (I can't convince her you don't rush art)
So stayed tuned for the finished product.
Thank you, Terri, for kicking some life back into me.

And, of course, my favorite church
Bazarrnival of all time was during my recoup time.
Didn't stop me though.
I found this wonderful old cabinet for a song.
I had overlooked it in my rush to try and see everything...I mean this sale is huge.
Then I overheard a couple talking.

She said "it's wonderful"
He said "but it would have to be stripped"
She said "but it could stand upright or lay on it's side"
He said "where'ya gonna put it"
She said "I'll find a place"
He said "Let's think about it"
She said "hmmm"
I said....."excuse me, sir, I like to buy this cabinet"

And I have also just about finished with the estate sorting.
This is one of my favorite old planters I have come across in a long time.

But this is one of the pieces someone "left" me.
Guess I really can't complain when all the things that come my way are
So very wonderful as this.

But I forgot to tell you that in my absence from the Shoppe Thursday
The sock monkey and bear hooked up.
I've already told them I'm not raising their kids!

Thanks for stopping by today for all of you
Who checked on me and brought me back
To my life as I know it.....
It's not easy, but it's mine!


  1. My goodness girl, you're plate is full, that's for sure. You seem to be handling it all so well.
    Your shop looks great and I love that big cabinet. It will hold lots of goodies.

    Sorry to hear about one of your fur babies. I am looking at all of them in your sidebar and thinking how sweet they look.

    Hope your week is good.


  2. Wow you have really had your fair share of stuff haven't you? I'm sure the birdcage doll that you make will be fantastic. I too love that shelf and it will hold a bunch of things in your lovely shop. Hang in there Sista!

    Hugs XX

  3. My thoughts are with you, Jana! Take care of yourself and your wrist! You are, most certainly, a force! I think I need another vacation after reading your blog. Your life wears me out:)!

  4. oh, Patti.....my life wears ME out....:)

  5. A shelf with cubbies...perfect!!! Do hope the rest of this week is much better. In fact, boring and dull can be really great sometimes. ~ Angela

  6. Oh my gosh, Jana, you DID have one big DOOZY of a week, didn't you?!!.. I'm so glad to hear things looking up!.. In the meantime, I'm very curious to see this birdcage doll you speak of! I don't remember hearing of one before!.. Have a great day, and keep on smiling! ~tina


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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