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August 12, 2010

Updated Chandie from Antique Floor Lamp~Sweet!

I adore lighting....chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps.....it doesn't matter.
The floor lamps, however, can always use a little updating to take them from "blah" to "ah hah".
All that is required is to remove the center light socket and rewire a taller candle socket in it's place.
It does require knowledge of rewiring lamps, but once you learn it is so easy,
And there is no limit on how you can convert other lamps, bringing them up to date. This one sports four of my little miniature lamp shades that were recently featured in Somerset Home.....along with the complete instructions for making them as well :)
I left the wiring structure the same where the lights could be turned on individually depending on how much light is actually needed.

Even though
it is a pole lamp, it has the look and feel of a little floor chandie with a lot more presence when fully lit....

Or not...

Then, of course,
there are more old doll heads. I love Steampunk doll art and can't wait to see where these girls lead me........

But first I have to finish LuLu's lace jacket.
I promised her it would ship this week!

Thanks for stopping by today...
I always love it when you come.


  1. That is the sweetest floor lamp I have ever seen, so romantic and shabby chic. Love it!

    Hurry and get LuLu's jacket done so she can show it to us!


  2. Soooooo lovely and soft...I love these shades. I have to say that I totally have a lamp obsession. I have so many lamps in my house and drug another one out of the alley tonight that I need to foof up.


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