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September 20, 2010

It's The Small Victories....

I had always wanted a serger,
So when a customer came in
Two years ago asking me if I would like to buy hers for a fraction of the
Original $1,500 sales price....I just couldn't resist.
She had never been able to "master" the use of this wonderful machine
and had never gotten it
Out of it's case after she had her original lesson.
And I actually did no better than her and am embarrassed to say it has been sitting in it's
Original carrying case for all this time.
People kept telling me how difficult they were to thread...
How difficult they were to learn to operate....
And on and on.
OR that's what I'm blaming the last two years on.
I think it had a lot to do with being out of my comfort zone
And realizing I was going to actually have to take time out of my busy schedule
And stop long enough
To read the manual and apply what I was learnng....
No easy task for an "ADHD" personality.

Today, however, I got the machine out.....set it up
Spent an hour threading it properly.....
And learning what the different "bells and whistles" did.

I ran my first serged seam and broke the needle......
So I learned how to replace needles as well.

My second seam ran smoothly and cut beautifully.
I felt very silly that it had taken me almost two years to
Take one hour to learn how to operate my new serger.

I can't wait
to cut into the beautiful Bamboo cotton
I purchased a year ago.
It's going to make wonderful lacey funky bloomers to
Go with my sweaters and such.

Thanks for stopping by today.
And I hope you can conquer what you've been putting off.
I did, and it feels great :)


  1. Good for you getting it out and tackling the job! I have a low end serger and it is a bear to get working right but I have always heard that a nice serger should give you little hassles! Looking forward to seeing what you will be making with it!

  2. What a bargain! The machine does look a bit imposing. Can't wait to see those funky bloomers!


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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