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September 24, 2010

She's a Freak......a Super Freak, Super Freak...

And that would be my Layla.....or as I call her Useless Layly :)
You may or may not remember the rescuing of the Great Pyrenees family of 4.
Well, needless to say, they never went anywhere, but rather became ours like all the rest.
My Useless Layly insists on resting on top of the glass patio tables moving from table to table
Until she has successfully "cleared"all three.
It's amazing I have anything left in my backyard this summer...
And they are not necessarily "outside" dogs.
They sleep with us (yeppers, they do) and stay inside when we're home.
It's just that there are four of them, plus our other two big black dogs...
So they need a lot of room to play. This would be Effie.....my little serious one straight from a morning swim.
So calm and gentle and still not a year old yet.
You would never know that Useless Layly is her sister by the way they act.
This would be the proud Papa of the two.....my Clydearoni.
How do you like that smile?
He smiles all the time now.

It's because he does this about 30 times a day.
This is the swimmingst bunch I have ever seen.

My beautiful
Mama Bonnie didn't want to be photographed today.
Since her spaying, she has put on a few (more like a LOT) of weight
And just doesn't like the camera :)
Stay tuned the first part of the week for the announcement of my
Fantabulous Giveaway.
I haven't done anything like that in quite a while, so it's time.
Come back and sign up....
Have a great weekend.
Life is what you make it....make yours exciting!


  1. I'm so glad that you are showing your sweet babies. They are so cute.


  2. I just love seeing pics of your babies!! Too funny about the table climber!!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  3. Always love to see picts of your pets, and to read your commentary about their personalities.....so entertaining! And, even with all their quirky-ness, we do love them, don't we! So.....where's the pict of the doxie.....I think there should be equal picture adoration, since he or she IS part of your family:)

  4. Oh they are all beautiful Jana...ok so she loves walking across all the tables and clearing them,,,( I had a dog that did that yiks!) Look at that face...its all worth it..
    soo much love!!!


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