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July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday America......

Even though my store is all wonderfully romantic and Victorian, it always has an American flag up and visible. I do not and will not sell anything from China in my antique store..not even linens or accessories. Often it would be cheaper and easier to buy import, but I don't...... I only buy food products and produce from the USA....I always look at the country of origin before buying something....I feel very strongly about these things. I was a flight attendant for American Airlines during 911 and was inflight during the tower attacks. I have never been more afraid in my life during that time, nor have I been more proud of the patriotic display afterwards. I wish the feeling the country had then was still prevelant now, only without what we had to go through to get to that point. Instead we have uncertainty and fear regarding the economy and when the war is going to finally end. I have never seen a time when we have literally all been on our own for survival........and have never seen a time when we needed to hold each other tighter than we ever have before. We are so blessed to be in this wonderful country....to have the freedoms and rights we have.....there is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful and grateful for being an American. I challenge you to commit a random act of kindness expecting absolutely nothing in return.......it will do your heart good, and help rebuild our faith.


  1. AMEN SISTER! These are indeed scarry times. But thank God we do have our friends, family, & country. As we traveled this past week the difficulty going through security at the airport just shows what a different world we live in today. How we took so many things for granted for so long. I pray every day that God will see us through these times & that our children & grandchildren could see the return of the "good old days". I missed you my friend. WONDERFUL POST!

  2. What a great sentiment. I too stay away from China goods and WalMart that promotes so much of it. I am and have always been a Patriot. I am very liberal and am tired of people thinking only conservatives can love their country. Thanks for a great post. kath

  3. I'm late in seeing it, but you just gave us a great post. We should all be so proud to be Americans and to live in this wonderful country. Things may not be the best right now, but its better than anywhere else on this planet. We need to go back and put God first again and do whats best for our neighbors and country and maybe it would help heal our land and our people.


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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