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July 16, 2009

So Many Decisions........

As I go through the routine of running my business I have to wonder if the decisions I am making are the right ones....with the challenges that are presented on a daily basis, you just cannot justify some things you have always done. Some changes and decisions are obvious as they are just common sense...you know, turn the air conditioner up at night when the store is closed, clean my own windows, do my own books....things like that. BUT, the decision to maintain a website, plus a blog, plus etsy, and then maintain a Power Seller rating on Ebay as well...it is just so overwhelming for one person.....and I think it might be confusing for my customer as well....I mean, once they have found me, do they shop my website, my Ebay, my etsy, or what. The store is a given....it is the reason for everything else, however, where do my national sales come from.

It has taken all of this for me to simply tell you I will be opening an online blog shoppe the end of this week for the items I sell under my "Heart & Soul" line, which are designed and made by me. I see alot of blogs doing this, so I am hoping I am making the right decision. I will then be looking at abandoning my website and selling through my retail store and Ebay only. Have an opinion or experience with this, please let me know. Does it work......what have you done?

Also, please remember July 18th is Collected Treasures' Open House and Customer Appreciation from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. We will have the AC turned down low and the wine and tea ice cold.....Hope to see you then!
xo jana

Below are some of the items created for the Heart & Soul line.......

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  1. Well, as a person who has been considering a web site... I can't tell you 100% answers. But, here's my thoughts... as long as Blogger let's us do the Blog Shop I think that is the economical thing to do. It is why I have not jumped off & done a web site which I have to pay for. Ebay & Etsy are great for what they do. All of this takes our time so, I think you should do the ones that are the most user freindly, ones that you already have a proven track record with, & most importantly... the ones YOU enjoy doing. How do you like that answer? :) See you tomorrow. I will bring the camera & hope to shoot some photos.


Your comments mean alot to me......thank you for sharing.

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